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Creating your first wiki
Creating your first wiki
An easy to follow step-by-step on setting things up!
Written by Kelso Kennedy
Updated over a week ago

Let's dive right in!

Once you sign in to Pilot, you will be invited to either pull from an existing folder within your Google Drive or to create a new wiki from scratch. This is the screen you'll see then and every time you go to create a new wiki:

Creating from Google Drive

Pro tip: Move all your wiki documentation into a single folder in Google Drive beforehand if you haven't done so already. This main folder then goes into Pilot in one go for an instant wiki!

First things first: get started!

Most of our users already have a folder available in Google Drive with all their wiki documents, so let's see where the Add from Drive options takes us:

You can use the search box to type in your folder's name.

From there, all there is to do is select the correct folder and click Select.

And boom! Your wiki is now in Pilot!

Creating from scratch

If you were waiting for a sign for a fresh start, this is it!

From that initial page shown above, choose the option that says I would like to start my wiki from scratch.

Alternatively, if you've followed the steps above and already have a wiki in place, this is how you can add a new one:

Next up, Pilot will ask you to choose a name for your wiki. This will also be the name for your corresponding Google Drive.

Essentially what's happening here is that you are creating a new Google Drive from within Pilot. The documents and folders you create will all still live within your Drive.

You can also upload a thumbnail image from this window, as well as select whether you'd like your wiki to be public or private. It'll always be private by default, and that means that the only people able to access it will be the folks you invite.

Introverts: you're welcome! πŸ˜‰

Go ahead and take the plunge: click Create Wiki!

Extroverts: it's now time to invite people to your party πŸŽ‰

(Psst, introverts: see that I'll do this later button on the bottom left there? Yeah. All yours!)

Next up, you should have a blank slate from where you are able to add docs, sheets, slides, or folders.

And what's more, you are also able to add standalone links, too.

Have fun!

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