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Creating Your First Wiki
Creating Your First Wiki

An easy to follow step-by-step on setting things up!

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You’ve set up your organization in Pilot. Now you’re ready to create your first wiki. Let's dive right in!

There are two ways to add a new wiki. You can either pull files from an existing folder in your Google Drive, or you can create a new wiki from scratch.

Creating a wiki from an existing Google Drive folder

If you haven't done so already, organize all of your wiki documentation into one folder in Google Drive to serve as a starting point.

Pro tip: For company/organization use cases, we recommend using a folder that is located in a "Shared drive" vs. one stored in your "My drive."

When choosing this approach, your new wiki will inherit the structure (i.e. subfolders) and contents within that folder. Pilot maintains two-way sync with Google Drive in real-time, so any changes you make in this folder moving forward will be reflected in Pilot.

Step 1

On the Create a new wiki screen, choose the "I have a Google Drive folder I would like to use" option.

You’ll then be prompted to choose a Google account to continue with, followed by the "Select a folder" interface that is native to Google Drive. Here you have the option to browse and search the contents of your Google Drive or Shared drives that you have access to.

Step 2

Once you have located and clicked on the folder you would like to use for your wiki, hit Select at the bottom of the window and Pilot will proceed to create your new wiki.

That’s it! Your wiki is now ready to use in Pilot.

💡If the folder you selected contains a large volume of folders and documents, it may take a few minutes to index and generate your wiki.

Creating a Wiki from Scratch

If you were waiting for a sign for a fresh start, this is it!

Step 1

On the Create a new wiki screen, choose the "I would like to add content manually from scratch" option, and click continue.

Step 2

You will now be prompted to choose a name for your wiki using the designated input field. Once you are happy with the name you have entered, click continue to proceed.

💡Two-way sync with Google Drive: When you create a new wiki from scratch, you’re essentially creating a new Google Drive folder via Pilot. The name you choose for your wiki will also be the name of that new folder. Any documents and folders you create via Pilot in your wiki will also appear in Google Drive.

Step 3

Pilot gives you flexibility when it comes to sharing your knowledge with others (both inside and outside of your organization) and offers three levels of permissions to govern wiki access:

  • Standard: Anyone within your organization/Google Workspace account can access your wiki.

  • Private: Limits access on an “invite only” basis.

  • Public: Anyone with a link to your wiki can access it (view only).

Once you have determined which permissions level makes the most sense for your wiki, select one of the options provided, and click Create Wiki. You are almost done!

Step 4

If you would like to invite other team members or individuals to your wiki, you can do so now using the provided fields:

  • Email: Enter the email address for each person you would like to invite.
    Note: this email address must be a Google account (Gmail or Google Workspace) in order for your invitees to login to Pilot and access your wiki.

  • Role: You can invite wiki members as an Editor or Reader. Editors can make changes to the wiki and edit its contents, readers are only able to view your wiki and its contents. You can change user roles in the future if needed.

Once you have added email addresses and selected a role for each individual, click the Send Invites button to complete the wiki creation process.

You can also wait to add members, and bypass this step by clicking Skip.


Your new wiki is now ready to populate.

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