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In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Edit your wiki's name

  • Change your wiki's thumbnail image

  • View the source Google Drive folder that is powering your wiki

  • Adjust your wiki’s global permissions

  • View and add members

  • Specify access levels for members

Accessing your wiki settings

To access and manage the settings for your wiki, click the down arrow to the right of your wiki's name and select “Manage [Wiki Name]”, which will open the full-screen settings modal for your wiki.

Wiki Details

Under the Wiki details tab, you can rename your wiki and access your source folder in Google Drive via a clickable link.

💡Editing the name of your wiki inside of Pilot does not update/change the name of the corresponding folder in Google Drive that is powering your knowledge base. This is one of the few instances where Pilot's two-way sync doesn't apply.

When you are finished editing, click the Save button at the top right corner of the screen. A small notification bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm that your update was successful.

Members & Privacy

Under the Members & Privacy tab, you can:

  • See and change the permissions level for your wiki

  • See the members that have access to your wiki

  • Add new members or remove existing members from your wiki

  • Verify and/or change access levels for individual members

  • Delete your wiki

Adjusting the permissions level of your wiki

Your wiki’s current permissions level is indicated by a light blue box at the top of the Members & Privacy screen. To change the permissions level:

  1. Select the new permission level from those that are available (Private, Organizational, or Public).

  2. Once you've selected the new permission level, Pilot adjusts the permissions for your wiki accordingly, and you will see a small pop-up notification at the bottom of your screen confirming the change has been made successfully.

Adding new members to your wiki

To add a new member:

  1. Click “Add a member” on the right side of the screen, above the members list.

  2. In the “To” field, add the person's Google email address (any address ending in, or any organizational email address associated with a Google Workspace account).

    Note: If you invite an individual to your wiki that is not yet a member of your organization, they will also be added to your organization automatically during this step.

  3. Under “Invite as” select the appropriate access level.

    4. Click "Send invite" to add the member(s) to your wiki.

Important: Adding a new member to your wiki in Pilot will also add them to your corresponding Google Drive folder (with the access level you specify).

To remove existing members:

  1. Hover your cursor over the right side of that member’s row.

  2. Click Remove.

  3. In the Remove member pop-up confirmation window, read and acknowledge the impact of removing a member from your wiki, and click “Yes, remove member”.

Changing an existing member’s access level/role

To change an existing member’s access level:

  1. Hover your cursor over the right side of that member’s row.

  2. Click Change role.

  3. In the Edit Member pop-up window, click Role to open the dropdown menu.

  4. Select the role you wish to assign.

  5. Click Save.

Look & Feel

Under the Look & Feel tab, you can upload a new thumbnail image for your wiki.

Click Upload image to open your file manager, then select the image you want to use.

Your thumbnail image needs to:

  • Be a .png or .jpg image file

  • Display well at small sizes

After you select an image from your file manager, you can crop and adjust the image in Pilot. Drag the corners of the image frame to change the image dimensions, or click and drag the image to reposition it within the frame.

When you’re satisfied with your thumbnail, click Save.

You can revisit these settings and make changes to your wiki at any time.

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