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Creating & managing playlists
Creating & managing playlists

All you need to know about playlists!

Written by Kelso Kennedy
Updated over a week ago

Here is the article that (we hope!) everyone was waiting for: How to create and manage playlists!

So, what is a playlist?

Traditionally the term playlist refers to a collection of audio or video files that get pulled together into a sequential list to be watched or listened to.

Until Pilot, that is.

Have you ever needed a collection of documents that live in different folders but could come together for that one occasion, like when you are onboarding a new person to the company? Yeah. Us, too.

We are redefining the concept of playlists! We don't just want it to play audio and video files, we want to share docs, sheets, slides, PDFs, you name it!

So how do you play a Google Doc, you ask? Keep on reading!

Creating a playlist

From your wiki's sidebar, click the Playlists tab, and then click on the big round blue button on the bottom left:

This should bring you to this next window, from where you can type up your playlist's name, description, and choose an image. Either PNG or JPG would be our recommendation for an image, and 1080 x 1080 px for best results.

Pro tip: Name and description are required fields.

When everything is set, the Create Playlist button will become a solid blue colour, and then you can save your thing:

Adding items to a playlist

Now that your playlist has been created, you can start adding documents to it.

First off, hop back on to the Knowledge tab, and open up the first document you wish to add to the playlist.

Then, from the right-hand side, click on the ellipsis icon and choose Add to playlist:

Now it's time to choose which playlist to add your doc to. Once you mouse over the playlist's name, your cursor will do that cute lil' hand thing it does and allow you to save your doc!

Oh, soon you'll also be able to add your doc to more than one playlist at the same time.

Pretty cool, eh?

Inside a playlist

Here's what a playlist looks like once you add a few docs to it:

  • Your chosen image and description appear right at the top

  • It tells you how many documents (pages) there are to read

  • You can click on any of the docs to get started ...

  • ... Or on the blue Begin Playlist button at the bottom, if you want to read them all in sequence:

So ... how do you play a Google Doc? ๐Ÿค”

If you've read all this, congrats! This is how you play a Google Doc:

Fewer distractions, no editing options, no other folders and files to look at. Just the doc at hand and (and a little sidebar just because).

Click the blue arrow button when you're ready for the next item on your playlist.

Additional features


Just like with folders, you're able to sort your playlists by name, newest, and oldest.


If anything changes, you are also able to edit your playlist's name, description, image, and the articles inside.

To do this, simply open up your playlist and click on the ellipsis icon by its name.

From there, you will be able to edit everything you need, as well as reorganize the order your documents appear by simply dragging and dropping them around.

Deleting articles

Items can be removed from the playlist if needed.

In case you missed it in the image above, the remove button is the red trash can icon to the right of the document's name.

Happy playlisting!

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