Subdomains in Pilot

Learn what you need to do to set up your custom subdomain

Written by Kelso Kennedy
Updated over a week ago

Every pilot organization has a subdomain, which looks a little like this:

To personalize Pilot for your organization, follow these simple rules & steps!

What to be aware of

  • 1 subdomain is allowed per each organization

  • Subdomain needs to be unique (cannot be used by multiple organizations)

  • Needs to be at least 4 characters long

  • Needs to be all lower case

  • Cannot have any spaces (but we can have hyphens!)

How to set it up

Step 1: Click the arrow beside your wiki's name to expand the sidebar. At the bottom, you'll find Organization settings.

Step 2: Under Details, you will be able to set your organization name in the first field, and your organization subdomain in the field below that.

Don't forget to click Save Settings after you're done.

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