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Using the Pilot App for Slack
Add the Pilot App to Slack Channels
Add the Pilot App to Slack Channels

Follow these steps to add the Pilot App to channels in your Slack workspace

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The Pilot App for Slack can be added to both private and shared channels in your Slack workspace. Below, we'll guide you through the steps required.

Adding the Pilot App to a private or public Slack channel

To add the Pilot Pilot app to a Slack channel, follow these steps once you have opened Slack and are logged into your company workspace:

Step 1: Select the Channel

  • Start by selecting the specific channel you want to add the Pilot app to.

  • On the channel page, locate and click on the channel name.

Step 2: Add the App

  • After clicking on the channel name, a pop-up menu will appear.

  • Click on "Integrations" within the pop-up menu.

  • Next, select "Add an App"

  • If this is the first time the Pilot App is being added to a Slack channel in your Slack workspace, search for the app by typing "Pilot" in the provided field, and then click "Add" once you've found it in the search results.

  • If the Pilot App has already been added to other channels in your Slack workspace you will see it listed as an option under "In your workspace", locate Pilot in this section and click "Add".

    By completing these steps, you'll successfully add the Pilot App to your selected Slack channel, and can harness the capabilities of the Pilot within Slack.

Tip: The Pilot app for Slack can only be added to channels, and is unable to be added to private conversations.

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