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Hello, and welcome to Pilot!

If you’re new to the platform, this article is a great place to start. Here you’ll find a high-level overview of the main page you’ll see when you’re creating your first wiki.

Left sidebar

The left sidebar is the main navigational interface in Pilot. From here, you can access:

  • All the wikis you own or are a member of

  • Organization and wiki settings

  • Folders

  • Playlists

The Search Bar

Click the search bar at the top right of the wiki screen to search for a file or a resource by name.

Your Profile

Click the round icon at the top right corner of the screen to see profile options.

Switching between wikis

To switch between different wikis you own or have access to, click the down arrow next to the current wiki’s name, at the top of the sidebar.

You can also create a new organization from this menu.

The Knowledge Tab

The Knowledge tab within the Left Sidebar shows all the folders and documents that comprise your wiki. They reflect how your folders are organized in Google Drive.

You can access the different folders and documents inside your wiki by clicking the heading in the Left Sidebar, or by clicking on the folder as it appears on the page.

The Playlists Tab

Playlists are curated collections of files that are relevant to a specific topic or process, but which don't necessarily live within the same Google folder.

The Playlists tab on the Left Sidebar in Pilot lets you see all your created playlists.

Inside a playlist, your documents will appear in a list view. Members of your wiki can access them by clicking on individual titles. Users can also read them in sequential order by clicking on the Begin Playlist button at the bottom right of the page.

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