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Learn how the Pilot homepage works and what our main features are!
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Welcome to Pilot!

Here's an early look at how everything works, and a brief overview of the homepage you will see once your first wiki is underway. Don't worry—we'll cover how to create your first wiki in its own article!

Left-hand sidebar

The left-hand sidebar is the main navigational interface in Pilot. From there, you are able to access:

  • Different wikis

  • Your settings

  • Folders

  • Playlists

  • You are also able to add documents to your wiki

Switching between wikis

To switch between different wikis you own or have been invited to view, click the down arrow on the top left-hand sidebar, next to the wiki's name.

From this menu, you are also able to add a brand new wiki to your collection.

Knowledge Overview

This section shows the folders and documents that compose your wiki. They mirror the organization you have in your Google Drive — but better!

You can access the different folders and documents inside either via the left-hand sidebar, or by clicking on the folder directly as it appears on the page.

Playlists Overview

Playlists are curated collections of relevant documents that don't necessarily live within the same Google folder.

And, for when you have created a bunch, from the left-hand sidebar Pilot allows you to quickly see how many of them you have.

Inside a playlist, your added documents will show up in a list view, and users will be able to access them by clicking on their titles, or read them in sequential order by clicking on the Begin Playlist button at the bottom right of the page.

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