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Managing the knowledge section & creating documents
Managing the knowledge section & creating documents

Learn everything about folders, documents, and editing in Pilot!

Written by Kelso Kennedy
Updated over a week ago

How does Pilot's knowledge section work? How can you create documents in Pilot and make sure they are saved in the correct folder in your Drive?

Let's find out!

Pilot mirrors your Google Drive. But there's more.

By now you already know that Pilot mirrors your Google Drive structure, but did you know that it also allows you to sort your folders in a few different ways? Let's have a quick look at this.

Here is our company wiki's high-level folder in Google Drive:

And here it is in Pilot:

Right from the get-go, Pilot already allows you more visibility than Google Drive does, as you can see all your folders both in list view (from the left-hand sidebar) and in grid view.

You can also expand each of your folders from the sidebar to view the files inside, like so:

Yes, you can do this is Google Drive too to some extent, but in Pilot, you can do it without having to worry about finding where your wiki is nested and, more importantly, without having to dodge all the other folders that are not relevant to what you need right now.


You can sort all of your files by name, by newest, or by oldest:

Creating & editing folders and documents

There are two ways that you can create new folders and documents in Pilot. One is on Pilot itself, and the other is on Google Drive.

In Pilot

Simply go to the bottom left of the page and click on the big round blue button.

From there, select the type of document (or folder, or even a link!) that you wish to create.

The next step will prompt you to give your new file a name. Type it up, and click Create.

Pro tip: Choose a title that is a minimum of 4 characters long.

And you're all set. Your new document will appear in your wiki:

In Google Drive

From your Google Drive, follow these instructions to create new documents and to create new folders.

If your high-level folder (we call this your wiki) is already in Pilot, then the new document or folder you create will automatically appear in Pilot. If it doesn't, give your browser window a refresh.

If your wiki is not yet in Pilot, check out our article on creating your first wiki.

Moving documents & folders

Whether you have an existing folder or document or are creating a brand new one, for the time being, you are only able to move items from within your Google Drive. Here's Google's documentation on how to organize your files.

Editing documents

You cannot edit documents directly in Pilot, but you sure can open them from Pilot—and then edit them in Drive.

To edit a document, click on the ellipsis icon on the right-hand side of your doc's title. From there, you will see three options: Add to playlist, Edit, and Delete.

📣 Note that deleting your files from Pilot will also delete them in your Google Drive. If this happens by accident, you are still able to restore your deleted item by going to Google Drive's Trash folder.

Now that that danger is out of the way, if you click on Edit you will be taken directly to the Google doc and you should be able to edit it from there, provided you have the required access level to do so.

💡 Navigation tip: locating your document

Opened up a document through the grid view in Pilot and not through the left-hand sidebar—or accidentally collapsed the sidebar options and now have no idea which folder it's in? Yup, we've been there.

Here's how to find your way: follow the breadcrumbs 😉

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