Using the Pilot App in Slack

A quick guide to using the Pilot App in your Slack workspace

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Elevate your team's collaboration with the seamless integration of Pilot and Slack. With this dynamic duo, effortlessly search your Pilot workspace directly from Slack, and leverage Pilot's AI assistant to ask questions and access insights—all without missing a beat.

How it works

Adding the Pilot App to Slack will allow you to:

  • Search your Pilot organization's workspace directly inside of Slack channels and see matching results with handy links to your knowledge base documents.

  • Ask your knowledge base question's using Pilot's AI conversational assistant and receive answers based on your company knowledge, along with the reference sources that were used to supply the answer.

  • Easily share Pilot AI's answers with co-workers in channels with the click of a button.

Pilot App slash commands

You can use the following slash commands to leverage the Pilot App in any Slack workspace channel it has been added to. Here are instructions on how to add the Pilot App to a Slack channel.

  1. Use /pilot search [your term here] - to find top results within your organization's Pilot workspace. Your search results will remain private.

  2. Try /pilot ask [your question here] - to get a personalized, conversational answer from PilotAI using all the information in your organization's Pilot workspace. Your results will be private.

    If you would like to share this answer with colleagues, simply hit the "Post to channel" button and the Pilot App will post both the question you asked, and the answer.

  3. Use /pilot help to display this help information.


🚨Be mindful of the information you choose to share, and if it is appropriate for all members of the Slack channel you share it with.

If you encounter bugs or have ideas to improve Pilot, please share them with us here:

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